Best Apps for Watch Live Streaming IPL 2023 on Mobile, TV, & PC,

The top 10 cricket franchises are participating in the 15th successful season of the Indian Premier League. Despite extensive media coverage, some fans still want to discover the Best Apps to watch the 2023 IPL. Therefore, this post is worthwhile reading for all such gentlemen.

The Indian Cricket Board launched the Indian Premier League, a premier T20 cricket league, in 2008. A testimony to its success is that the competition has acquired a worldwide clientele, and as of 2023, the BCCI has sold its per-ball media rights for 72 Lakh INR.

Of course, viewers can watch the event online and through a number of other telecommunications platforms, including satellite frequencies, Dish Network; local sports channels, and the internet. Another way to stay up to date on the tournament’s events is Live IPL 2023 Streaming via Apps.

5 Major Reason to Watch IPL 2023 on Apps

Anytime And Anywhere Watch

The streaming apps enable you to watch IPL 2023 anywhere at any time as all you need is a suitable device and an internet connection to start streams, unlike TV sets that force you to spend hours in front of them watching your favorite sports material.

Engaging in Real-Time

The main benefit of using streaming apps is the ability to watch any sports event that is taking place across the world in real time. In reality, if you have a streaming app installed, you can watch an IPL match live with only one click.

Cost-EFffective Options

Users instantly profit from the growth of streaming apps because of providers lowering their pricing to draw in more customers as a result of increased competition. You can now watch the IPL 2023 Live Streams without going bankrupt.

Streams in HD Quality

HD Video Quality is an additional advantage of using iOS streaming apps to watch the Indian Premier League. With this capability, you can enjoy the activity more than you could on traditional platforms like TV channels.

Massive Option For Compatibilty

Finally, Live Streaming Apps can be used on a variety of internet-connected devices. The majority of programs are capable of working with all premium Android Brands, iPhone Models, iOS-compatible equipment, and Windows-based computers, laptops, and desktops.

What Are The Best Paid IPL Streaming  Apps?

There is no disputing the fact that paid Indian Premier League streaming apps are expensive. However, you shouldn’t worry because the majority of applications provide affordable options. The Top Android Apps for IPL 2023 are listed below.

Sony Live

The fifteenth season of the Indian Premier League can be seen live on SonyLiv, a reliable choice. Cricket fans from all around the world can enjoy the excellent services of SonyLiv at just 299 per month.

Airtel TV

Since it is the top provider of online TV and streaming services with Indian roots, Airtel TV doesn’t require any introduction. For just 299 INR per month, Airtel TV will offer premium services to customers globally throughout the Indian Premier League in 2023.


Unexpectedly, JioTV, which is not a streaming platform but instead, has a number of Online Sports TV Channels that allow fans to watch Live IPL, will broadcast IPL Live Telecasts in India.


The official streaming app for IPL 2023 is Disney + Hotstar. For your information, it is the Star Network’s online home for Indian and foreign viewers. Hotstar Monthly Services can be purchased for as little as 399 per month as of this writing.

Yupp TV

If you’re an international supporter of the Indian Premier League looking for reputable streaming services, Yupp TV is the best option. The portal will provide top-notch services during IPL 2023 throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

What Are The Best Free IPL Streaming Apps?

Unexpectedly, several Android Apps will offer free live streaming of the Indian Premier League in 2023. The fact that these platforms are ad-based supports the fact that they offer features that are exactly the same as those found in paid applications.


Another streaming app with an Indian base is ThopTV. Notably, this platform captures a variety of live sports channels, so when you open it, it directs you to the sports channel where you can watch the IPL live rather than offering live streams.


CricHD is a different streaming app to watch the IPL live in India. The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store, and you are able to use its outstanding features. IPL Live Scores are another user benefit offered by CricHD.


There is no alternative to PikaShow if you want to watch IPL 2023 in HD Quality without distortion. Users from all around the world have access to PikaShow’s excellent services, and this website also lets you watch IPL match highlights.


A cricket-specific streaming website is called Crictime. You can watch the Indian Premier League live stream from anywhere in the globe through an app that the developers of Crictime have created.


The CricFree Streaming App is the last but not least. This program offers viewers in Pakistan and other Asian nations Live Streams of international sporting events, including the Indian Premier League 2023, as the name implies.


In brief, we’ve tried to identify the Best Streaming Apps for viewing the current Indian Premier League Season on Android, iPhones, and other Internet-connected devices.  Visit the Google Play Store or the companies’ official websites to purchase bundles of premium streaming applications. To get notified every time we write a new blog or post on PikaShow or other streaming apps, you can bookmark our website and press the Notification Icon.


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