Is PikaShow APK Better Than ThopTV Which Should You Choose?

Internet users have been discussing for a while now whether ThopTV APK or PikaShow is the superior streaming app. Users’ opinions on it differ and obviously, largely depending on their personal experiences. We have made the decision to publish an in-depth manual on this subject while providing facts.

Both the number of developers and the demand for websites that provide online content have increased over the last several years. Technically speaking, this platform is the ideal choice for hassle-free access to your favorite material wherever you are and whenever you want.

Both apps have admirable fan bases throughout the world, and yet interestingly, each app’s supporters claim that their neglected app is superior to the others. We’ve made the decision to discover the greatest among them but on a practical basis because those who support them neglect ground realities in their final judgments.

Pikashow and ThopTv Similar Features

If you didn’t know, ThopTV APK and PikaShow are streaming apps with Indian origins, and they offer services that are equally available to customers worldwide. But which one is superior? We will first look at the aspects of both websites that are shared before showing the features that don’t exist to learn this.

Streaming Of Live Sports

Both PikaShow and ThopTV APK provide high-definition Streams of major sporting events throughout the world, including the Indian Premier League 2023 Live Streaming. Both applications give their loyal consumers an ad-free experience at the moment.

Access Of Live TV Programs

PikaShow and ThopTV both offer free access to live international and Indian TV channels. As a result of this, ThopTV offers approximately 1000+ TV channels, while PikaShow displays 800+ TV channels.


Possibilities for customization are another feature shared by ThopTV and PikaShow. Both applications offer a wide range of customization choices, from Media Player Settings to Video Quality Enhancements and Background Theme Alterations.

Without Subscription

As previously stated, neither ThopTV nor PikaShow collects any fees from users in exchange for their unique services. Simply download the apps from their respective websites, create an account using your Gmail address, and use them.

Massive Collection Of Movies

Since Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and other streaming services are available on PikaShow and ThopTV, both platforms have made every effort to draw consumers in by showing massive movie and music galleries that are connected with these services.

Options For Screen Casting

Another extremely original and useful feature of PikaShow and ThopTV is now available. Both applications have Screen Casting options that let users broadcast what they like to Smart TVs through an internet connection.

Support For Subtitles

You’ll be surprised to learn that PikaShow and ThopTV guarantee both local and foreign clients’ support for subtitles. PikaShow, on the other hand, beats the competitor in this functionality by permitting external subtitle providers and websites.

Widely Compatible

Users are equally impressed by PikaShow and ThopTV compatibility options. The apps are able to be used without the need for additional software or equipment on Windows-based computers, laptops, PCs, Android smartphones, iPhones, and iOS-operated gadgets.

What Makes ThopTV Preferable to Pikashow?

Legal Position

Internet users have a common belief that PikaShow is an illegal program since it plagiarizes material from trustworthy sources. Our team conducted an extensive study and determined it to be accurate; however, ThopTV has no such proof that has been discovered.

Baned BY The Indian High Court

The Indian High Court has reportedly banned PikaShow’s streaming services across the country, and the app’s developers have also been held by Delhi Police, according to the most current sources. However, no more particular information on this matter has been made available to the public.

Access Via The Playstore

ThopTV is currently accessible for download on the Google Play Store; however, PikaShow isn’t at the time of writing. There is no denying the fact that Google deleted PikaShow from its fleet since it didn’t comply with the required security standards.

User,s Have Faith

The majority of online viewers who call PikaShow a malicious streaming app come against it, which brings us to our final issue. At that time, there were no similar criticisms about ThopTV on any of the widely used forums, like Quora, Pinterest, etc.

Online Customer Service

The absence of customer help from PikaShow, whether contacted via the main website or the in-app support feature, is another verified truth. In contrast, ThopTV customer service team is available around the clock to its followers everywhere.


We hope the debate above has helped you form a clear opinion on the ThopTV and PikaShow apps. Of course, we spent many hours assembling such proven facts to help our esteemed guests. You can continue to utilize PikaShow, though, since a number of third-party websites provide a modified and protected version of it. We won’t advise you to do this, though, as several customers have reported having their data stolen after doing so. While you wait, you can bookmark our website and turn on the notification button to get a notification anytime we post a new article.

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