What is the New Website of PikaShow – Unveiling the Truth?


The PikaShow App’s official website abruptly disappeared from search engine result pages, leaving its fans in shock and with a flood of questions running through their heads at the same time. This happened shortly after Google disabled the Streaming Services of the PikaShow App due to its involvement in the piracy of copyrighted content. What does the new PikaShow website do? It stands out among other questions about the PikaShow App in our opinion. Since it is a valid question, it is unfortunate that the majority of responses to it on many community forums are deceptions.

Why did Google restrict the website of PikaShow?

Streaming Apps have dominated the web industry in previous years because of their practical, user-friendly, and affordable offerings. Around two billion individuals use streaming apps to get online content as of this writing. Even as we admire the Streaming Apps Industry, Google Play’s importance cannot be denied because it is the best platform for all developers to showcase, market, and attract customers for their products. Of course, Play Store-rejected apps rarely find a big audience.

To your knowledge, the Google Play Store has established rules and guidelines for developers of apps and games, and their creations must satisfy the Play Store’s examination and analyzing requirements before being made easily accessible for download. The protection of user data and privacy is a top priority for Google administration out of the vast collection of Play Store security requirements. No one disputes the fact that this is the main reason why the majority of the apps and games were taken from the platform.

Over two million people have downloaded the PikaShow app since it was originally made available on the Google Play Store, which is when it initially became available. It was the only streaming app in the attention that provided a wide variety of free stream able material. A streaming app with advertising called PikaShow provides 1000 TV stations, a significant movie and music collection, live sports updates, and on-demand material. Its main selling point can be the integration of OTT portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime.The court ordered the app’s streaming services to be blocked in India since the defendant Council failed to provide any evidence to the court. As a result of such copyright claims, the Google Play Store later deleted PikaShow.

What Is PikaShow’s New Website?

The original PikaShow app has been deleted from the Google Play Store, and the official PikaShow website that offered customer assistance as well as direct streaming options has been taken down from the Google Search Engine. The simple response to this question is that PikaShow only has one official website.

The problem is further complicated by the fact that other developers are using identical domain names to host fake websites purporting to be the official PikaShow website with the goal of obtaining visitors’ personal information. On discussions like Quora and Reddit, their fans recognize them in the meanwhile.The reality, however, is quite different because fake websites posing as Official PikaShow Outlets are not accepted by Google or the proprietors of Official PikaShow.

Verified Alternatives to Google for Streaming PikaShow

PikaShow could not be accessible from official sources, but with a few tactful actions, you can be able to access the app’s streaming services without breaking any laws or compromising your online security.

Select Alternative of the PikaShow

Finding the greatest PikaShow App alternatives is a hack that you might like. Several streaming apps that provide services similar to PikaShow are available on the worldwide market.

Get it From Third-Party Websites

As it is already said the Play Store does not contain the Official PikaShow Streaming App. As a result, a number of Third-Party Websites offer their Updated versions, which are not authorized by Google but still produce flawless and authentic PikaShow Streams. A select few developers provide genuine PikaShow versions, which you can download.

Utilize VPN Service

Many nations have banned the PikaShow’s streaming services inside their borders after it was removed from the Google Play Store. Therefore, they could use this security hole. Therefore, download a trustworthy VPN service, keep it running in the background, and open the PikaShow app if you want to unlock PikaShow Services in your country. Stream your first video and enjoy yourself without putting your account at risk.


In short, there isn’t an official PikaShow website listed on Google, and any website that does would undoubtedly be bad. You may still get the app’s original intact version from us even if the Google Play Store has suspended the PikaShow Streaming App services from their platform. Finally, remember to bookmark our website and activate the notification icon so you can be notified anytime we publish a new blog or article on your preferred PikaShow App.

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