Why PikaShow Blocked by Play Store – A Must Read Guide in 2023


PikaShow abruptly vanished from the Play Store, leaving streamers confused quickly after it became favorite streaming software for millions. A warning is stating “Blocked by Play Protect” shows whenever someone attempts to download this app. Practically speaking, the aforementioned quotation often indicates that the requested app has not been verified by the Google Play Store security since it is either still in development or has yet to undergo Play Protect Authorities’ inspection.

Therefore, the main goal of this article is to identify the causes of PikaShow obstruction and identify solutions for getting things moving again. Consequently, be patient and stick around to the end to gather useful information about all streaming apps that Google has restricted.

MAJOR Reason Why Apps aer Removed From Google Play Store

The security settings are configured appropriately since the Google Play Store is a central location for obtaining apps. An app should go through numerous screening procedures before being displayed here, from policy malfunctions to security issues and copyright concerns.

Service Denided

When a server receives fake inquiries from an application, it overloads the network and the original users block the requests. A Play Store will display the warning tag “This App Tried to Attack Mobile or Computer Systems” if it discovers an app engaging in this behavior.

Without Rooting

Numerous applications on the market have the potential to root your smartphone without your permission. Of course, doing this changes the default settings on your device and violates the warranty from the manufacturer. Notably, if you download any such applications, the Play Store displays the statement “This app tries to bypass Android’s security protections.”

Fraud Click

Apps that produce fake ads in order to earn click credits are known as click fraud. According to the Play Store Guidelines, an app must inform users of this service; otherwise, doing so is against the law.

Download Sources That Are Harmful

An application can sometimes be hazardous on its own because viruses might occasionally be downloaded through it. The Play Store displays the warning statement “This app can harm non-Android devices” to all users who download such apps.

Applying Spyware

When a warning saying “This app tries to spy on your data” pops up on your screen while installing an app, know right away that this means the application could access your personal information without your permission.

Asseing The Need For The Play Store

The top search engine, Google, uses security systems to protect users of its many Verified Services. All the games and applications accessible on the Play Store, among other places, must pass Google’s Security.

Of course, as it serves as the main entry point for consumers to download and install apps on their smart devices, Google Play Store Security protects users’ private information and sensitive data. Without it, the wide range of applications and games can be quite dangerous. Technically, each app and game is screened by Play Store Security before being released on the network. To prioritize user safety and privacy, our diligent method finds malicious applications and regularly monitors them.Additionally, Google Play Store security places a strong emphasis on data privacy since it upholds rigid laws that require app developers to manage user data sensibly and openly. This provision requires them to obtain users’ permission before accessing their Data.Finally, Google Play Store security upholds user and app developer confidence, motivating consumers to investigate new technological advancements. Anyone who sees the Official Google Play Store symbol on an app or game will never be able to doubt its reliability and security.

Cause OF Pikashow’s Unavalbility On The Play Store

It makes sense that PikaShow has been removed from the Play Store since it violates a number of Play Store security standards, including those relating to copyright violations, malware practices, and non-compliance with Play Store regulations.

However, when you try to download the app, the Security Notification still pops up. The application is still accessible for download on third-party websites. Nevertheless, the causes behind PikaShow’s removal from the Play Store are listed below;

Violation OF Copyright Laws

The PikaShow App, which enables users to view copyrighted information without the owners’ approval, is claimed to infringe on copyrights. While doing so, Play Store removed this app because it carefully follows copyright regulations to safeguard the rights of content producers.

Policy Violation On The Play Store

In light of the above discussion, it is evident that PikaShow violated the Play Store’s developer regulations through dishonest behavior, deceptive content, or non-compliance with the app submission requirements. In fact, these violations caused the platform to remove the app.

Stream’s Source

Exclusive streaming video from various streaming sources is available on PikaShow. Typically, the application leads visitors to different platforms or gathers Live Stream Links from other websites. Of course, doing so is against the law.

Delhi High Court’s Decision

The latest step was a decision by the Delhi High Court, following an appeal by a local client, to shut down the PikaShow App’s streaming services throughout India and to arrest its creators for engaging in malware and unlawful privacy practices.


we have done our best to investigate the causes behind PikaShow’s absence from the Play Store. Naturally, this article aims to improve your knowledge of online privacy regardless of whether you use PikaShow or another streaming app. In the meantime, you can get in touch with us via email or the comments section if you have any questions or suggestions. In the meantime, you can add our website to your bookmarks and turn on the notification icon to get a notification whenever we publish a new blog or article relevant to your preferred PikaShow app.

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